The Shayela Program is a comprehensive driver-focused solution delivered through a combination of mobility & technology.

Discover the four core elements of our solution:

  • PDP (Professional Driving Permit) Authentication: Verify the legitimacy of the driver’s PDP for legal compliance. 
  • Health Status Assessment: Thorough medical evaluation to access driving fitness. 
  • Documentation Support: Issuing PDP license applicants with the National Medical Certificate, a required document for all PDP license applications.  
  • Sustained Wellness: Continuous health and optometry services for peak driving performance. 
Shayela checks table

Efficiency In Action


Mobile Assessment Center (MAC): Schedule the MAC to visit your truck stop, or depot, making the assessment process flexible and accessible.


Comprehensive Health Check: A swift 25–30-minute health evaluation is performed by our experienced professionals upon the MAC's arrival. Drivers' health and fitness are carefully evaluated.


Essential Documents: After the health check, drivers leave the MAC with prescriptions, referral forms and even spectacles if required, ensuring they have all they need to drive safely or apply or renew their PDP.

Guud wellness mobile clinic

Optometry machinery inside the Road accident fund mobile clinic Nurse performing an eye test on a patient

Our Purpose

We are committed to:

  • Dynamic Health Insights: Building a robust health database for proactive safety measures.
  • Holistic Data Integration: Integrating field and partner data for comprehensive road safety strategies.
  • Strategic Employer Collaboration: Empowering employers to take a proactive approach to safeguarding their employee’s health and compliance road safety.
  • Reducing Accidents & Lowering Premiums: By collectively working towards fewer accidents, we aim to decrease claims and insurance premiums, benefiting all stakeholders.
  • Health-Conscious Culture: Creating awareness about health’s pivotal role in safe driving.
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