Healthy drivers. Safer roads.

Guud is dedicated to improving road safety by capturing critical data on commercial drivers, combined with in-field healthcare and optometry assessments and interventions. 

The importance for improved road safety

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There are 14.1 million drivers licenses in South Africa, 1.2 million of those are commercial PrDP drivers.

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Cause of Accidents

In 2021, human factors caused 84% of fatal crashes, road and environment caused 10% and vehicle factors caused 5%.

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Cost of Accidents

In 2017, accidents cost South Africa R188 billion, which is 3.5% of GDP.

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Corruption & Bribery

90,000 licenses were removed from the DLCA in 2022, leading to uncertainty regarding compliance of drivers licenses.

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25% of drivers were found to be non-compliant in a recent pilot project launched with the Dept. Of Transport.

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Skills Shortage

South Africa has only 3800 optometrists to serve 11 million drivers nationwide.

What is the solution?

The Shayela Program is a comprehensive driver-focused solution delivered through mobility, using Mobile Assessment Centres (MACs) to travel anywhere in South Africa, saving the driver downtime and the employer money.

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Criminal background checks

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Healthcare compliance

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Optometry checks and spectacles issued

Challenges facing commercial road transport sector

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Health condition, illegal health reporting & no biometrics

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Legal status and related criminality checks

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License validity and knowledge of licensing processes

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No track record on driver history and performance

Lack of licensing administration and line of sight from employers

Non-compliant professional drivers

Contributing factors to accidents and related claims and high premiums

Causal factors

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Cheapest & easiest solution prevails often including bribery and utilisation of corrupt processes in order to get compliant.

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No oversight on driver compliance sources and lack of reliable data to verify presented data.

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No view of driver compliance data and transportation companies management thereof.

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Challenges within Government departments and systematic disruption.