About us

Guud is on a mission to improve road safety in South Africa by leveraging technology and mobility-based health and compliance solutions. The Shayela Program is the company’s unique initiative aimed at improving safety measures within the transportation industry.

This program is currently in its first phase, which involves collecting primary health data from commercial drivers across the country using Mobile Assessment Centres (MACs). Alongside phase one, we are developing a proprietary technology that will enable the integration of the primary data with secondary data from partner networks. This will provide a holistic view of driver health, wellness, and preparedness to drive.

With these data-driven insights, Guud clients can draw actionable conclusions to ensure better outcomes for their commercial fleets. The Shayela Program aims to:

  • Help reduce road accidents.
  • Reduce insurance claims.
  • Reduce insurance premiums.

By addressing these issues, Guud aims to create a safer and more efficient transportation sector in South Africa.

Guud wellness mobile clinic Mobile clinic with nurse standing outside
Our story starts

14 years ago...

Mobile Computer Lab inside a bus

First Mobile Computer Lab launched promoting TechEd at schools around Gauteng.

3 x Maternity Health vehicles produced for and deployed in Nigeria.

Containers hanging from a crane
Children waiting to receive healthcare services at a wellness mobile clinic

10-year project with Western Cape DOH begins aiming to deliver quality healthcare and eye-care to children all over the Western Cape.

Guud’s partner African Mobility Solutions, has a bumper year, delivering 33 vehicles to clients in healthcare, education & administrative sectors.

Branding being applied onto a bus
National Home Builders Registration Council mobile office parked at the CTICC

First HIV/AIDS Test and Treat vehicle built and delivered, as part of a 3-part vehicle project.

Development of GUUD Software suite, aiming to modernise all processes related to vehicular service delivery.

The Guud Pro mobile application
Drivers License Card Account mobile assessment center

Drivers License Card Account (DLCA) launches its Mobile Assessment Centre (MAC) for the processing of driver's license renewals.

Road Accident Fund project begins screening PrDP holding drivers and capturing compliance data.

Road Accident Fund mobile clinic at a parking lot