On average, commercial drivers spend 300+ days annually on the road.

The extended time spent on the road by commercial drivers can significantly impact their physical and mental well-being, including crucial factors such as:

Energy levels
Blood pressure
Blood glucose

Various wellness programs have been implemented to enhance the health of commercial drivers, however what sets the Shayela Program apart is:

  • A data first approach.
  • Integrated health data with other key-data points (criminality, driving behavior, compliance, optometry, audiology) to develop a complete view of the driver’s health on their overall driving performance.
  • Identification of any potential risks and areas of concern that could result in poor driving.
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Why Guud?

Guud uses its technologically enabled Mobile Assessments Centres (MACs) to gather in-person health data on commercial transportation drivers, which when combined with secondary data from partners, provides valuable insights to clients. This helps reduce road accidents, insurance claims, and insurance premiums.


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Convenient and fast health assessment.

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Valid and up-to-date optometry assessments and the provision of spectacles where needed.

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Support with PrDP application process and the provision of a transparent track record for any employer.

Business / Employer

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Fast, affordable and convenient health and optometry assessments- help reduce employee downtime.

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Reducing road accidents can have a significant positive impact on business, including lower insurance premiums, protection of assets, and prevention of revenue loss.

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Oversight of driver certification - gives employers line of sight into drivers compliance and health status.

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Creating a centralised source of insightful primary and secondary data - which allows them to make actionable decisions.


Insurance data
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Line of sight of driver data, compliance and driver history to allow insurance companies to make data driven decisions.

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Data-driven insights into insured clients and how they are managing their driver risks.

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Road crashes place a huge financial burden of over R188 billion on the economy per year. Reduction in accidents will lead to lower claims and ultimately lower premiums.